During the registration process, you ticked the box "technical visit the 11th of July".
We have now to book definitively the registration and obtain the document required for access authorization on some sites.
Please note, that we offer 4 sites at the same time (scheduled on Friday 11th afternoon) :
- Airbus Nantes (13h30-16h30),
- Airbus Saint Nazaire (12h45-17h45),
- Jules Vernes Institute (13h30-16h30)
- IFSTTAR Laboratory (13h30-16h30).
The hours correspond to the departure times at the Cite Nantes Events Center (place of our conference) and return at the same place.

To know more about these sites please click here

Due to the huge number of already registered participants and the limited number of places for visits, we need to get the following information very quickly (to book your pre-reservation and begin the checking process for sensitive sites).

You will find a link beside for a form required for visit of Airbus sites
(note that final acceptance will be announced by Airbus and IRT after checking of each form).

The date of reception of these documents by registration form  will condition your rank of booking. Note that we don't accept any booking or form after Friday 13rd June.

Should you have any questions, please send them to the mail box at the following address

See you soon